Michael’s Top 5 Power Rangers

God I love Power Rangers. This is quite probably my favourite show. I’m 24 and I love Pokemon and Power Rangers, ordinarily people would start asking questions about their life at this stage, not this guy, I don’t care enough to really ask questions, and I’m fairly happy with the choices I made. Enough existentialism, let’s get on with this shall we? Before I progress, … Continue reading Michael’s Top 5 Power Rangers

Introversion and Extraversion

I’m gonna do something here that I don’t often do, and (in my lifestyle of filling myself with sugar and caffeine and definitely not drinking enough water) I kind of have little right to. Imma give some self-care advice. Now I know what you’re thinking, “oh boy, here he comes preaching about how we should love ourselves and not shave our legs for society and … Continue reading Introversion and Extraversion