Michael’s Top 5 Power Rangers

God I love Power Rangers. This is quite probably my favourite show. I’m 24 and I love Pokemon and Power Rangers, ordinarily people would start asking questions about their life at this stage, not this guy, I don’t care enough to really ask questions, and I’m fairly happy with the choices I made. Enough existentialism, let’s get on with this shall we? Before I progress, these aren’t going to be ordered, I couldn’t do that to these guys, they’re great for different reasons, so it’s not so much a list, just my top 5 favourite, and who I consider to be the best rangers, with a couple honourable mentions for good measure.

Honourable mention 1 – The Magna Defender

magna defender

First things first, I don’t mean Mike Corbett, the guy who took up the mantle of Magna Defender, I mean THE Magna Defender, the one who was stuck in the earth until Mike fell through. So yeah, he’s a bit of a dick, like, quite a dick, like, really kind of a dick, but his story is great. It’s a very good revenge to redemption story. It takes him long enough, but he eventually realises he’s actually causing more trouble, and looks to help the rangers. Plus, I love his theme music, very fitting, and it makes you think of that renegade outlaw.

Honourable mention 2 – Antonio Garcia/Samurai Gold Ranger


Allow me to sum up Antonio’s story in a couple misquotes, and in 10 words.

“You can’t be a Samurai, you weren’t chosen.”

“Watch me!”

Antonio basically took tradition and went “fuck this” and just trained himself. Now, I’d say he’s more of a ninja than a samurai, but y’know, the thought is there. His treatment by the rest of the group is atrocious, even his supposed best friend doesn’t even want him in the team since he wasn’t chosen. Eventually he becomes a valuable asset to the team, even if they do just decide to use him for his technological knowledge. I’m not the biggest fan of Samurai, but Antonio is good ranger.

And now, the list begins properly.

Adam Park – Mighty Morphin Black Ranger/Zeo Green Ranger/Turbo Green Ranger

adam park

I may be a little biased here since Adam is my favourite ranger, and I adore Johnny Yong Bosch. I met him last September, and he is the loveliest man, but we’re here to talk about Adam. He’s the third longest serving ranger, just behind Billy, and a long way behind another ranger we’ll discuss later. Even when he was done, he was always willing to come back and help other rangers, evident in the episodes Always a Chance, where he helps Carlos (the ranger he chose to succeed him) regain his confidence (by almost destroying himself no less), and Once a Ranger (*shudder*) from Operation Overdrive (*more shuddering*) where he leads the team of veteran rangers to face Thrax (*almost worrying levels of shuddering*). Adam is fantastic for showing that he is always willing to return to help the cause whenever he is needed.

Jen Scotts – Time Force Pink Ranger

jen scotts

Badass. That’s all I need to describe Jen. Some malarkey happens where Ransik happens to go back in time, and because Jen feels responsible for his escape, and because Ransik destroyed her Fiance, she grabs her team and says “nope, come on, we’re going to stop him”, disobeys a bunch of orders and goes to get him back. The only pink ranger to have led a team and the only female leader of a ranger team (excluding Udonna from Mystic Force since she was a mentor and Charlie from S.P.D. A squad since *spoilers* she was evil), that’s quite the achievement on her part, and saying that, she’s probably one of the best leaders any team has ever seen. Jen is also very adaptable and willing to work with the circumstances of a situation, like Wes being an ancestor of Alex so having to use his morpher, and in Reinforcements from the Future, working with Ransik to help stop the Mute-Orgs, she’s willing to do what is needed to save the world, a strong feature.

Tommy Oliver – Mighty Morphin Green Ranger/Mighty Morphin White Ranger/Zeo Red Ranger/Turbo Red Ranger/Dino Thunder Black Ranger

tommy oliver You knew he was gonna be on this list. You knew, I knew, anybody who knows Power Rangers knew. Tommy is the longest serving and most famous ranger to have existed, and in most people’s eyes, is the best ranger. Is he the best? Probably. Do I think he’s the best? I mean he probably is, have you seen his ranger CV? Quite impressive. He’s a fighter, always clinging on to the last shreds of hope, always looking for a way to win, always showing a never-give-up attitude. I’m horrible for being that person who goes “anti-meta”, Tommy is the best, so I don’t think he’s the best that he’s not my favourite etc, but hey, gotta have some variety right, people need to know it wasn’t the Tommy Oliver show. Heck, if Skull were a bit better at karate, he may very well have been chosen as Rita’s green ranger, and this could’ve been a very different show.

Kendrix Morgan – Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger

lost galaxy pink

Kendrix is an exemplary ranger. She’s very reminiscent of Billy to me, but later seasons Billy. Very smart, able to research and find out what’s going on outside of their morphed states, but a very adept fighter when the suit goes on. Lost Galaxy was an interesting season, as the rangers had a mission outside of being rangers, they had a space colony to get to a new world, so Kendrix was able to do this job AND be a ranger as well. We all know why Kendrix is on this list. She was able and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone. In The Power of Pink, Psycho Pink had survived and was looking to get the Savage Sword to reach a new level of power, blah blah fights blah, and the savage sword is in the ground absorbing energy and needs stopped. Kendrix gives up everything, to save everyone else, complete selflessness, the ultimate quality of a ranger.

Carter Grayson – Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger

carter grayson

I’m aware a lot of people don’t like Lightspeed Rescue, but it’s my favourite. It’s reminiscent of the first season as it displays lots of science vs magic, and the bad guys aren’t the true bad guys, there’s someone they’re working for. Carter Grayson is a different breed of ranger. Brash, impulsive, stubborn and proud. He refuses to follow the order of “take time for yourself” and instead decides to train more. His selflessness goes beyond courageous and almost borders onto stupidity. He’s willing to blow himself up, go down fighting with the megazord, and have himself trapped inside a tomb with a bunch of demons. All of this, to save his friends, his city and the world. This is a member of an emergency service through and through, everything is to protect and save the people.

I hope you enjoyed my rambling about Power Rangers for a silly amount of time, it’s something I’m quite passionate about, and I just wanted to showcase some of the rangers I feel deserve recognition. Any thoughts on these rangers, or wanna say who you’re favourite is? Drop a comment.

Until next time folks, stay morphinomenal! Michael, switching off!


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