Bunny Kingdom

You need about 5 seconds to look at the setup of this game and its box to realise it’s awesome. First off, it’s called Bunny Kingdom instead of Rabbit Kingdom, which immediately gives off a more playful vibe. Secondly, it’s all about Bunnies! This was a game introduced to us by a workmate and much like the first time I saw Emma Stone in a movie, it was love at first sight. So let me take you on a magical journey to a land where bunnies rain supreme and conquer the land as far as your eyes can see.

bk board

At its core Bunny Kingdom is a territory control drafting game. You play on a 10 x 10 square board filled with numbered spaces, and draft cards to acquire spaces and resources. Each rabbit placed on the board is a fief and the fief can be expanded by placing rabbits vertically or horizontally next to rabbits you already have in play. You earn victory points by multiplying the number of towers in your fief by the number of different resources. There are also interesting cards called parchments which will help you net points at the end of the game. They may not seem like much, but it definitely adds up.

Each player starts with a hand of cards (ten in four player, twelve in three and ten in two player as well but that has additional rules) and chooses two cards they wish to keep. They then hand the cards to the player on their left for the first and third rounds and to the right for the second and fourth rounds. Players reveal their cards; place any bunnies in spaces they chose; collect resources or buildings or declare if they acquired any parchments (but they don’t know to show which parchments they chose). This continues until there are no cards left in hand to draft from. Then comes construction in which you can place buildings or resources on spaces where you already have a bunny placed. After construction you then go on to scoring for that round. This is a good point to show the kind of things you should keep an eye out for the next turn, whether it be more towers or resources or just a set of spaces you need to control. After four rounds of placing and scoring you then go on to show your parchments and earn any points you might have from them. Once all the scoring is done from parchments that’s it! Declare your winner!

Let’s have a look at the cards now shall we?

bk spaces

These are the most common cards you’ll come across to draft. The cards with numbers in the top left are your spaces on the map, and in the middle they may show what is in that space (spaces with the carrot resource will have a little carrot at the top and a design in the picture). You can also obtain cities (in the top right of the photo) which count towards the strength of your fief and will earn you more points. Lastly the bottom two rows have resources. Some cards have resources which already exist on the map, but obtaining these cards allows you to place them anywhere. The marketplace (which shows all three resources in the top left) allows you to pick on of any resource and have it on a space you control. There are also luxury resources (cue gameshow style audience going “oooooooooo”) which are denoted by the shield in the top left having a black background. These count as extra resources, so will help multiply your score even further, but they can only be placed in specific territories, as shown next to the little shield in the top left. All these kinds of cards are central to the game, and will help you build your fief and score points, but there are plenty more ways to rack up them there victory points…

bk parchments

Behold, the parchments! You have two different types; normal parchments and treasures which have a golden shield at the top of the card. Treasures are fairly simple, it just tells you that you get a certain number of points i.e. the Royal Chalice gives you four. Other parchments can vary. Some like Burgomaster and Master of the Mountains give you points dependent on how many of a certain territory or resource you have. Some like King of Thieves or Fisher King have conditions you have to meet, but the reward is often great. Obtaining certain parchments early in the game is a great thing to do as it allows you to plan your play style and think about which spaces you are going to try and obtain. But don’t just try and focus on the parchments, remember you still need to build fiefs to try and earn points. Although, I had a game recently with a few friends and by the end of the fourth round of scoring (remembering that you score for each of your fiefs after each round) one of my friends had four points, and a huge pile of parchments. After parchment scoring he climbed his way up to one hundred and forty three points and earned himself second place. So don’t discount these as useless.

bk camp

Finally we have a few extra cards. Provisions allows you to draw the top two cards of the main deck (cards which have yet to come in to play) and immediately earn those cards. They could be amazing and exactly what you need, or they could be useless and plonk you on a space you have no need for. Sky towers connect two fiefs and turn them in to one. Very useful if you have resources and cities you want to add together. This can definitely help you net big points. Lastly there are camp cards. These are temporary spaces on the board. You can pick any square and essentially squat there, meaning you can make two separate fiefs into one, or you can add in a resource to a fief that would help get extra points. But these are temporary. Meaning if someone later on plays the card with that space then you get evicted and the space becomes theirs.  My advice for camps is to hold on to them until the very last construction phase and build them all then. There’s no risk of being evicted but you do have less choice of spaces.

That’s it! That’s all there is to Bunny Kingdom! It’s honestly such a fun game with loads of replay-ability to it.

michael bunny kingdom

Here’s a photo of me after having just played a game exhibiting an emotion which I believe you people call “happy”. This game is well worth picking up. Everyone I’ve shown it to, or has had it shown to them by someone else has said they enjoyed it. So go forth my people and make the number of people with this game multiply like…I dunno…some kind of possum.

Keep hopping folks, Michael switching off!




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