Fuck You Friday: Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce

You guys know by now I love Power Rangers. But much like how my parents feel about me, there are some aspects that are just terrible and make you regret your choices in life. Megaforce should’ve been something great. The 20th anniversary of Power Rangers – a great landmark for any TV show to make – is even more impressive when you think about all the stuff Power Rangers went through and all the times it quite nearly got cancelled. So much potential. So much hope for what it could’ve been. Once again like my parents, Power Rangers fans were disappointed.

megaforce rangers

Honestly, where do I start? Let’s talk about the good stuff about Megaforce I guess…

…so moving on to the bad stuff. Gosei was a fucking nightmare who was about as helpful at giving advice as Dimitria (that shite one from Turbo who was super cryptic all the fucking time) and handed out new zords and upgrades like they were going out of style. He always talked about the rangers earning these new upgrades and stuff, but they did nothing and he gave them crap. Just tell them “look guys, this will help.” Easy as that. The rangers were fucking terrible as well. The red ranger was infamously bad, being the human equivalent of beige. The “actor” was actually a model and not in fact an actor (shock) so had the emotional range of bran flakes. The real question to ask here is if I can fit in any more blandness jokes, but I think I’m all out. Was there anything interesting or different about the other rangers characters? Well that’s a difficult question to ask myself, given that they have no character or personality to display. The Billy clone of a blue ranger was a nerd and that was it. There was never the same kind of revelation we had with Billy where his technology knowledge was key to the team’s success. The yellow ranger was a bitch (I normally get annoyed using that word but not here) and gave zero reason as to why. There were some other rangers too I guess.

Quite probably the most annoying thing about Megaforce was that it was the 20th anniversary. Normally this would be considered a good thing, if the show had actually decided to use the 20th season as the time to show the 20th anniversary episode! Megaforce opened with the foreshadowing of the fabled Legendary Battle with all the veteran rangers coming back to assist in defeating the forces of evil. Shame they wait a whole fucking season to do so and air it in the numerically insignificant 21st season! If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know my opinions on Tommy. I really want to know why they brought him back as the green Mighty Morphin’ ranger.  The powers were not only destroyed but were replaced with the white ranger powers which were then also replaced by the red Zeo powers which he went back to use in Forever Red. I know the Mighty Morphin’ powers could be restored despite the power coins being destroyed (we had seen this previously with Adam) but he was given the white ranger powers as a symbol of purity and absence of evil, incorruptible and just. That doesn’t sell merchandise I guess.

A bunch of lazy writing and bad acting made these seasons damn near irredeemable. It’s such a shame too as I’ve heard the Sentai seasons they were based on were actually not bad. In particular the red ranger in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Super Megaforce’s pirate based Japanese counterpart) was named Captain Marvellous. That was the actual name of the unmorphed character. How fuckin’ awesome is that?! There’s probably some goodness I’m overlooking in these seasons but to me it was just so painful and dull that I have no inspiration to go back and watch it.

Megaforce rangers, you were a Mega failure. Fuck you Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce.



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