Fuck You Friday: Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce

You guys know by now I love Power Rangers. But much like how my parents feel about me, there are some aspects that are just terrible and make you regret your choices in life. Megaforce should’ve been something great. The 20th anniversary of Power Rangers – a great landmark for any TV show to make – is even more impressive when you think about all … Continue reading Fuck You Friday: Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce

Games mania

Last night I went to a gaming night and got to try so many retro games as well as VR and having a shot of the Nintendo Switch. I have got a new found appreciation for the early games. Without them we wouldn’t have the amazing games we have now. The other thing I took from that event was how fun the nintendo switch was … Continue reading Games mania

Introversion and Extraversion

I’m gonna do something here that I don’t often do, and (in my lifestyle of filling myself with sugar and caffeine and definitely not drinking enough water) I kind of have little right to. Imma give some self-care advice. Now I know what you’re thinking, “oh boy, here he comes preaching about how we should love ourselves and not shave our legs for society and … Continue reading Introversion and Extraversion

Movie Monday: Let’s get scared

Since on the podcast we talked a lot about horror movies, so I thought that would be a grand idea for this weeks Movie Monday. So get the lights off, hide behind your sofa and don’t have nightmares. Ringu Following reporter Reiko as she investigates the strange death of her cousin and her friend after watching a video tape, that tells you, you will die … Continue reading Movie Monday: Let’s get scared